Thursday, September 17, 2009

Made in Greenpoint

Note Greenpoint cookie on platter above

On Saturday, the Greenpoint Food Market was born. In a church on Russell Street, a motley crew of picklers, bakers, soda, liver mousse, and soup-makers gathered to sell their goods. A Greenpoint beekeeper was selling honey with comb. And I had a refreshing homemade lime rickey on ice from Pumkin and Honeybunny. The highlight though was Sugarbuilt cookies. So intricate and beautiful and tasty too. This woman is an icing queen. The skulls are truly amazing but, of course, I bought that cute Greenpoint cookie!

Bring on the locally, sensibly, sensitively, creatively made food...


how wonderful is this logo?


Megan Taylor said...

wow, Melly! I love your blog...I just began mine. Scrolling through your posts makes me homesick for the east coast. Miss u...xo

Mel said...

Thanks Meg!! Miss you too!